You CAN get a mortgage loan even if you have bad credit

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Bad Credit 2nd Mortgage
Kristy Annely

Taking out a home equity loan is one of the time-tested ways to get out of debt. There are two general kinds of home equity loan available to borrowers with bad credit history – depending on your specific financial situation; you can either take a 2nd mortgage, or a home equity line of credit (HELOC).

You need to know how each works in order to decide which one to apply for. Each has its uniquely different details and methods of dispensing payments to you, and of you paying them back.

If you need immediate relief from an overwhelming number of creditors demanding instant payment, you will benefit from a 2nd mortgage. This type of home equity loan allows you to borrow a fixed amount with a fixed interest rate, and is best for consolidating loans.

Note, however, that interest rates for bad credit applicants are generally higher by a few percentage points. If your credit is bad but you still need money, you will unfortunately have to bite the bullet and take out a higher-interest loan.

If you need a steadier cash flow, consider a HELOC. It will allow you access to a decent credit limit at interest rates lower than traditional lines of credit. Be sure you control your spending, because unwise use of HELOC can get you into even more debt (and cause you to lose your home).

Always consult and talk at length with a mortgage representative over many days before closing on a deal. Just remember that their job is to sell you a loan. Beware predatory lenders.

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